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Over the years, there’s been a lot of conflict in athe animal welfare community - it interferes with life-saving efforts and creates animosity where healthy collaborations would create opportunities for all.

Years ago, we worked in the Northeast, as The Pet Ombuds of New YorkCity. We’ve rebranded and expanded our focus on animal-related alternative dispute resolution work - from families to organizations and corporate entities.

Topics of discussion include: Dog bites, Animal Rescue/Sheltering, Boarding, Veterinary Care, Family disputes over animals, Theft, etc…


Are local shelters and rescues interested in building and/or rehabilitating systems designed for collaborating and placement of dogs out of the area?

Thank you?


Good morning, all! Who are the people in touch with what’s going on with the local overpopulation problem and who are willing to discuss the challenges and possible solutions?

I know that more adoptive and foster homes are needed, but what are the challenges that folks in Houston are interested in tackling?

Thank you!


Our 2 rescue babies...

November 14, 2022 · changed the group description.

Just a place where we can all chat and share our lives!

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