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Stray Houston Toolbox

A digital library for animal welfare professionals and advocates.

12 Ingredients to Lifesaving Shelter: Overview and KPIS

The Recipe for Lifesaving contains 12 ingredients essential for achieving No Kill success.

4 Paws Intake Process

The 4 Paws Intake Process is the Austin Pets Alive! medical checklist that ensures every animal is properly vaccinated, tested, and cared for upon entering our shelter system.

63 Parvo Med Chart - Updated 2019

The Essentials are those which are most important to prevent sepsis and dehydration, the two most common causes of death from parvovirus.

APA! Adoption Contract

Use this template to modify or create your own organization's adoption contract.

APA! Neonatal Program Introduction - 2019

Wherever you might be in the bottle baby process—just starting to think about it, already taking in a few litters or you have a program that is growing—we hope our experience thus far will be of value to you.

APA! Spay/Neuter Policy

Spay and Neuter Policy for Austin Pets Alive!

Action Plan for Long Stay Cattery Cats - Google Docs

"To ensure emotional and physical well-being of the cats in our care."

Acute & Chronic Renal Disease

APA! Policies and Procedures for acute and chronic kidney disease.

Adopter Behavior Addendum (Shareable) with Legal Language

This document does not reflect or constitute legal advice. This is a sample made available by American Pets Alive!

Adoption From Foster Protocol

APA! adoption from foster care protocol

Adoption Promotions for Harder-to-Place Dogs and Cats | ASPCApro

Finding homes for seniors, special needs, and long-stay pets can be difficult. This helpful guide provides strategic adoption promotion plans for dogs and cats with medical conditions and behavioral challenges.

Allergic Reaction Protocol

Allergic Reactions (Anaphylaxis) POST VX’S

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